Blast protected automatic sliding doors

Besam ADS Blast sliding door is tested to BS:EN standards
Besam ADS Blast sliding door is tested to BS:EN standards
Besam ADS Blast sliding door is tested to BS:EN standards
Besam ADS Blast sliding door is tested to BS:EN standards
Resistant to blast shockwaves.
Resistant to blast shockwaves.

Besam Blast protection enhances safety and security at the entrance

The ground-breaking Besam Blast automatic sliding door system maintains the excellent aesthetics of a sliding door, but is enhanced to protect against bomb blast hazard through a novel application of a lateral carriage restraint mechanism, which is concealed beneath the cover of the sliding door system.

Designed to absorb the energy of the blast shock wave, in much the same way as the crumple zone in modern cars, the lateral carriage restraint is one of three key components which enables the system to achieve the best hazard rating of any comparable system on the market.

The robust Besam SL500 operator provides all the functionality and performance of the standard Besam automatic door range.

Door Leaf and Side Screen

Developed by adapting and optimising existing high performance commercial door systems, Besam ADS Blast sliding doors - with one door leaf or two - and associated side screens are cost effective and easy to maintain.

Side screens are mounted over heavy duty perimeter rails and secured in place with concealed fixings.

Blast Details

A purpose designed glass carrier profile system provides 27mm of “edge bite” for the glazing and reinforces the overall door construction. The minimum glazing specification to achieve the blast protection is 15.02mm clear five ply laminate single glazing. However, the glass carrier is also designed to accommodate suitable double glazed units.

All corner joints are made with concealed cleats and tie rods, with the effect that in blast testing all joints remained securely connected to each other.

Technical description

Besam ADS Blast sliding door system

  • Power supply: 120 V AC -10 % to240 V AC +10 %; 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 250 W
  • Internal height non-standard (2000 to 2400mm)
  • Clear walkthrough width – single door 1200mm Max.
  • Clear walkthrough width – bi-parting pair 2400mm Max.
  • Side Screens
  • Pocket Screens
  • Powder coated finish (RAL colours)
  • Anodised, clear or bronze
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