ASSA ABLOY Insulated Folding Industrial Doors

Energy efficient ASSA ABLOY insulated folding industrial doors where space is limited

The ASSA ABLOY insulated panel folding door is one of the most robust and stable industrial doors on the market. Insulated sandwich panels stack horizontally into the side space of an opening and can be configured dependant upon the space available. The ASSA ABLOY FD2050P has been developed specifically to perform in demanding environments common to warehouse, factory and logistics facilities.

Requiring practically zero headroom and minimal side space, functional insulated panel door leaves can be arranged as left or right opening (side bunching) or both (bi-parting) if the door leaf is split in two. The ability to adapt the design to suit the facility ensures the ASSA ABLOY FD2050P works well in a variety of environments.


The ASSA ABLOY FD2050P is made of aluminum tubular profiles, profiled steel sheets and injection moulded foam to make a stable sandwich construction.

Rectangular and oval windows, either acrylic or glass, are available to accentuate appearance and enhance visibility. Windows can be arranged to suit the desired aesthetic effect or environmental performance requirements.

Flexible Installation and Fixing

The ASSA ABLOY FD2050P bi-fold door can be installed to the internal or external face of any exterior wall, facilitating its use in a wide range of locations. Design considerations such as anticipated wind load, water ingress, normal operating conditions and security requirements can be used to inform the placement to guarantee optimal functionality for end-users.

For larger doors, the option of an integrate pedestrian passdoor (aka wicket door)

Safety compliance

The ASSA ABLOY FD2050P insulated folding industrial door has been designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardization Committee, CEN.


BIM objects

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Technical description

ASSA ABLOY FD2050P insulated folding industrial door

  • Standard size up to (WxH) [1]: 7590 x 6000 mm
  • Frame thickness: 50 mm
  • Windows: Rectangular, in 3 different sizes
  • Colours: Standard - 5, Optional - unlimited
  • Pass-door (optional): Built in doorleaf/doorleaf as a pass door
  • Thermal transmittance, EN 124282 [2]: 1.7 W/m2K
  • Wind load, EN 12424 [3]: Class 2
  • Air permeability, EN 12426: Class 3
  • Water penetration, EN 12425: Class 3

[1] Other sizes on request
[2] 4000 x 4000 mm, 2+2  
[3] Higher wind load on request

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