Doors from a climatic perspective


In Haven Kakumäe newest marina, our Megadoor was easily integrated into the façade of the hanger, whilst also crucially being able to withstand high wind load from the Baltic sea.

ven Kakumäe is a new marina with the most complete and modern yacht infrastructure in the Baltics. This is undoubtedly the greatest up-to-date seaside recreation center for the whole family. It is perfectly located in the beautiful and prestigious sub-district Kakumäe in Tallinn, Estonia, close to the city center. Here you can find yacht harbour with 300 berths, apartments by the sea Residence Lesta 10, restaurant Puri. The yacht harbour offers all sailors superior facilities;  berth rent and moorage, guest pier, winter storage with boat service. Haven Kakumäe aims to become the first 5-star port in the Baltics. 

In 2018 the Megadoor local representative was made aware of the plan in Haven Kakumäe and soon after that he arranged a meeting with the Architect together with the Megadoor team. After this meeting, the plan for doors and facades was ready: 

  • Megadoors integrated with the façade so that it is possible to show a full size printed picture that visualize the activity of Haven Kakumäe. The Yachts sailing in Kopli Bay should easily identify the activity when approaching the harbour. 
  • Megadoor had to be big enough so that the boat lift could pick up the Yacht and then drive strait into the storage.
  • The halls are not fully heated but they will require a controlled temperature and they need a door that will have excellent seals and low thermal transmittance.
  • They need top quality. The customers expect excellent and dependable service. Doors included. There is no room for doors malfunctioning with ships are trapped inside the hangar.

Solution: Megadoor VL3190 - 19500 x 9000 mm &  19500 x 12000 mm 

  • The total width of 19,5 m is set after the total width of the boat lift. This requires the Megadoor 290 mm intermediate profiles. 

Megadoor quality

  • High windload to withstand the heavy winds from the Baltic sea
  • Air Permeability class 3 and u-value 2,5. to keep a stable temperature.
  • Single Motor drive & optimized < 10kw.
  • Megadoor dual safety with mechanical fall arrestors and high quality motor break .

Megadoor dual clampstrip

  • Allowing for an extra layer of fabric on top of the standard. In this case the extra layer is the printed picture , printed by a local printer and installed by the Megadoor installation team. The print can easily be taken out and replaced with a new fresh print when needed.