Besam Revolving Doors Secure First EPDs


We have now obtained our first EPD for the Besam RD range of automatic revolving doors. The Besam ranges of automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors and door openers will also have EPD certificates in the near future.

You can download a copy of the Besam RD EPD here
The benefits of us providing you with an EPD:
Since EPDs contain only fact-based and independantly verified information about the environmental performance of products and services they can be used as source information for various purposes. The following advantages can specifically be outlined:
Comparable - because the information in EPDs are being collected and calculated based on international accepted and harmonised calculation rules.
Credible - through the requirements for routine inspections, review, approval and follow-up by an independent verifier.
Accurate - because the information has to be continuously-updated based on in-company routines for documentation and follow-up procedures.

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