ASSA ABLOY Industrial doors paint a thousand words

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Crown Paints new raw material and packaging warehouse facility was opened for operation in November 2021. Built at its existing Hull manufacturing base on Sculcoates Lane. This state-of-the-art building, will provide additional storage space for raw materials and packaging, increase manufacturing output, and improve efficiencies across the site.

The Brief

With a need to provide an Industrial Door that would enable the fast and safe movement of goods during their workday, on a 24-hour basis, without having a detrimental effect to the lifecycle of the door. Additionally, the doors also needed to be able to provide extra night-time security during the weekend shutdown periods.

Our Solution

Step forward, 7 x ASSA ABLOY day and night industrial doors. When put into night mode the ASSA ABLOY OH1042P overhead sectional door holds in the warmth and provides security from uninvited guests.

During the week when the facility is required 24 hours a day, the door is placed into day mode and the sectional door opens fully. The ASSA ABLOY HS8020P high speed door is then in operation. Allowing operatives on forklift trucks to frequently pass in and out safely with short passage times. For safe operation and ease of use of these high speed doors, the customer also opted for radar motion detectors, which offers the reliable detection of moving people or objects within the detection area in front of the door.

With the facility being near the coast, our HS8020P high speed door offered the perfect solution as they are designed for applications with high wind loads up to class 5. The door also has additional full height reinforced side guides, that ensure reliable opening and closing during heavy winds.

Complete Safety

Human error or misjudgement can lead to vehicles impacting the doors, leading to the door needing repairing or being out of action. Our HS8020P high speed door are equipped with a break-away and automatic reset system, whereby the curtain reintroduces itself after a crash, reducing any downtime and maintenance. The door also features a soft bottom profile that it gives way should an obstruction be in the line of closing.