ASSA ABLOY launches the only fully ATEX certified high speed doors


In many industries, where the workplace can be a potentially explosive environment, achieving the required safety standards requires specialized efforts. In these cases, employees need to know their employer has taken all precautions to ensure they are working under safe conditions. Employers need peace of mind that their ATEX solutions are the best they can be while also optimizing productivity and efficiency.

ASSA ABLOY is proud to introduce ATEX certified entrance solutions that are second to none.

What is ATEX?

Ex and ATEX areas exist wherever flammable gases, vapors or combustible dust come in contact with oxygen, or where sources could generate sparks, flames, rising temperature or static energy.

The only complete ATEX certified entrance solution

The new ASSA ABLOY HS-PX3 family of high-speed doors are precision engineered to meet the same quality standards you expect from ASSA ABLOY entrance solutions but are also entirely composed of materials suitable for ATEX use.

This is what sets us apart. Most doors on the market only feature ATEX-certified components. We ensure that every single element (and the door as a whole) is independently verified and graded to meet the international requirements for safe use in hazardous areas.

The main features of the ASSA ABLOY HS9010PX3, HS8010PX3, HS8020PX3 are:

  • For ATEX environment category 3
  • Medium-sized, max. 5500 x 5500 mm
  • Heavy-duty operations
  • Inside and outside usage
  • Stainless steel construction incl. bearings and drive
  • Unique direct door drive system
  • Opening speed up to 1,0 m/s
  • Inspected by a European accredited notified body

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Our ATEX entrance solutions enable a continuous flow of goods and people, as well as improve working conditions. The fast opening and closing speed improves your traffic flow, provides employee comfort, and saves energy. These entrance solutions allow for partitioning to reduce the size of required Ex and ATEX areas, which, in turn, further reduces costs, increases safety and productivity.

ATEX expertise to serve your business

Understanding ATEX can be complicated, but ASSA ABLOY has the expertise to deliver the right entrance solution to suit your operations and the knowledge to help you understand which will make the most sense for your Ex and ATEX zones. Our ATEX-certified entrance solutions can improve working conditions and ensure smooth processes.

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