Discover the new generation of high speed doors

The race to develop a new door is over. With a new and optimised generation of high speed doors, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems brings a new door onto the market that can meet the operational requirements of the modern-day business.

The easy way to improve performance and efficiency: the new generation of high-speed doors

Modern industrial and commercial facilities are under high pressure every day to continuously improve the efficiency of buildings and work processes. To make these demands for improved performance and efficiency easier to implement, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has developed a new insulated high speed door that stands as an ambassador for a whole new generation of high speed doors. Above all, the maximum thermal separation ensures a significant reduction in energy losses at the door.

More speed. More insulation. No compromise

Speed ​​and insulation are crucial for smooth processes and a pleasant and safe working environment, especially with heavily frequented doors. This is why the new ASSA ABLOY RR5000 combines the high speed of a high-quality high speed door with the optimal insulation of a sectional door. Thanks to the increased thermal performance of the door, companies no longer have to compromise insulation or speed. From now on, you can benefit from excellent thermal insulation and the ability to open and close your doors quickly.

The 50 mm thick insulation of the new high speed door enables maximum thermal separation and minimal energy loss, without condensation on the door. As a high speed door, the ASSA ABLOY RR5000 has a very high opening speed of up to 2.2 m/s in order to keep the thermal output stable and guarantee the smooth flow of traffic at all times. To keep the indoor conditions stable at the required level in daily operation, all door slats and side parts are insulated accordingly.

High efficiency thanks to reduced energy consumption

Efficiency is a growing challenge for large, energy-hungry facilities. That’s why the ASSA ABLOY RR5000 has been designed to meet stringent green building regulations. The ASSA ABLOY RR5000 delivers the perfect blend of higher insulation, speed and efficiency, whilst also offering the lowest U-value in its class at 1.28 W/m²K acc. EN12428*. So you can help reduce carbon emissions, optimise energy efficiency and save operational costs.

In addition, there is a growing demand for the lowest possible maintenance effort. In industrial and commercial buildings in particular, each individual maintenance can lead to significant downtime and losses. In order to keep the maintenance effort as low as possible, the ASSA ABLOY RR5000 is equipped with a Simple V-Drive with fewer components. This simplified drive system not only allows the door to run faster, smoother and quieter in day-to-day operation, it also makes it less sensitive to wear and tear and, of course, much easier to maintain.

* Calculation based on a 5 x 4.7 m high-speed door ASSA ABLOY RR5000