High-speed doors help keep the wheels turning at car dealership


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a long-time partner of German car dealer Autohof Reimers. With frequent vehicle and foot traffic on a daily basis, efficient, secure entrances have proved invaluable as their business grows.

Founded in 1925 as a small bus company outside Hamburg, Autohof Reimers has grown into a thriving Volkswagen and Audi dealership with 250 employees across five locations. Proudly, it remains very much in the family – run by brothers Gunter and Gerd Reimers.

Autohof Reimers currently owns several ASSA ABLOY OH1042F doors, some older but still very functional Crawford 242 models and an ASSA ABLOY RR3000 high speed door.

High traffic, high speed, high standards
The ASSA ABLOY OH1042F is one of the most stable overhead doors on the market. While open the entrance is completely unobstructed, ideal for vehicle access. The high light-admission of the panels also makes it well-suited to working environments that require maximum lighting. 

At Autohof Reimers, efficiency is key. In the busy workshop, buzzing with 23 mechanics and several vehicles, the ASSA ABLOY RR3000 high-speed door opens and closes nearly 100 times each day.

However, the wow factor is speed, according to Autohof Reimers Service Manager, Manuel Voss.

“We required a larger door for the entrance, and now have one that closes and opens more quickly. Having never seen it in action, I was truly surprised by how fast it is,” Voss said.

While door speed is impressive in practice, how it affects the bottom line is ultimately what concerns any business owner. 
“For the employees, it means less draughts in the working area. For us, naturally lower energy loss and therefore reduced heating costs.”

The value of service
Downtime is not something any business can afford – let alone Autohof Reimers, which depends on timely vehicle showings and maintenance. That’s where ASSA ABLOY’s service packages can deliver so much value.

“Service is very important to us,” Voss said. “If we were unable to enter the hall through the main gate, that would be a major loss for us. Therefore, quality is essential.”

“To have an actual failure is very rare for us. But when it happens, normally we have a technician on site the next day resolving the issue.”

“We receive a call and don’t need to worry about when maintenance is needed. It’s done for us, which lightens our workload substantially,” Voss said.

Businesses of any size can benefit from partnering with ASSA ABLOY. From our comprehensive portfolio of high-speed industrial doors, to the ease and efficiency of our service teams, we are better positioned than ever before to help grow local business.