New addition to our high speed door range


Speed, safety and design combined in one of the most versatile high speed door models

The ASSA ABLOY HS7040 high speed door has been designed to increase productivity in the manufacturing, logistics and retail industries. The standard frequency converter control system provides one of the fastest and smoothest door speeds which helps to regulate the flow of traffic and goods.

Equipped with the break-away system, the door curtain absorbs the impact and releases itself from the side frame, then automatically resets itself on the opening cycle. This reduces downtime. At the same time, the soft bottom profile limits damage to door and surrounding area.

The door is equipped with an intelligent pressure recognition system. With this, the door differentiates if an object is located under the door or if wind or drafts are creating pressure on the door curtain.

For aesthetic purposes, corporate identity or traffic regulation, it is possible to apply a digital print on the curtain of the door. 

Various types of transparent windows are available to increase visibility and filter the light.

For all technical features download the product leaflet, or alternative take a look at other fabric interior high speed doors.