Optimize your entrance with a revolving door designed to suit everyone

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We’ve all experienced a hold-up at a door. Manual doors swinging shut on you, manual revolving doors moving too fast or too slow based on another user’s speed. Not all doors are comfortable. But with the right automation settings this isn’t the case. And with an automatic revolving door that is designed to adapt to the speed of the user, your visitors will always be comfortable as they come through your entrance.

The new ASSA ABLOY RD150 is a compact revolving door built for the ease and comfort of the user. With a pre-set Automatic High Speed, the door revolves at a comfortable pace for most, but at a push it can be sped up, so faster pedestrians can pass through at their own pace.

A separate Individual Speed Control ensures the door cannot be pushed at an unsafe speed, whilst safety systems that trigger the Low Speed control or Stop command, ensure that if the door is pushed too fast for a pedestrian passing through it, then the door will slow or stop to minimize the risk of impact. So no matter your pace, walking through the ASSA ABLOY RD150 is a comfortable experience.

The ASSA ABLOY RD150 is also a great choice for the comfort of those inside your building. Revolving doors facilitate excellent climate control as they are 'always closed'. By keeping indoor and outdoor environments completely separate, revolving doors reduce energy loss and the impact of noise and disturbances from outside.

So if you're looking for a compact revolving door that provides the very best in user comfort, look no further than the dual-action ASSA ABLOY RD150. Learn more!