Our high speed doors just got even smarter with the Guardian 3D sensor

In industrial, warehouse and logistic developments, high volumes of traffic can often lead to high speed doors opening unnecessarily every time a person or vehicle passes by, even when there is no intention to enter the building. This can result in great energy losses and have a negative impact to the indoor environment.

Introducing the Guardian 3D sensor for high speed doors

The ASSA ABLOY "Guardian" sensor is based on the principle of time-of-flight measurement. This involves the measuring of time it takes from sending out a high speed light to an object and the light returning to the sensor. This measurement of time is converted into a distance.

This smart 3D directional sensor is able to determine the direction in which a person or vehicle, are moving, enabling the high speed door to only open when a person or vehicle is walking directly towards it.

The sensor offers full 3-dimensional protection and can scan large areas covering up to 6 x 6 meters. 3 different functions are controlled by the device: the door opening, entrance surveillance and safety in close proximity to the door leaf.

By adding this smart sensor to your high speed doors, you can extend the lifecycle of the door, improve the safety of your employees and minimise damage to on-site vehicles. With the sensor more accurate than traditional radars or passive infrared sensors, you will improve the indoor climate and lower the overall carbon footprint of the building.

Download our Guardian Product Leaftlet or alternatively for more information contact a member from our high speed doors team