Save energy by specifying the correct automatic door sensors

Automatic door sensors drive sustainability by minimizing unnecessary opening cycles


In retail and commercial developments high footfall can often lead to automatic doors opening unnecessarily every time someone passes by, even when there is no intention to enter the building. This can result in great energy losses and have a negative impact to the indoor environment. 

Specifying the right automatic door sensor can solve this problem. 


We have developed a directional impulse sensor that is able to determine the direction in which people are moving, enabling doors to open only if a person is walking directly towards the entrance of the building.


In order to quantify the benefits of this upgrade, we have gathered data from trial sites by measuring door activity before and after installation of the newer sensors. This was achieved by installing data logging hardware that could be accessed through an internet connection (via SIM card).

Results showed that implementing our modernisation package to automatic sliding doors help add convenience for pedestrian traffic, improved the indoor climate and lowered the overall carbon footprint of the building.

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