Sustainable doors for sustainable business

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How does a service agreement for your entrances help your business maintain and increase its sustainability?

Maintaining features

The wear and tear of everyday use can make a big difference on the efficiency of your entrances. When you have a service agreement for your entrances, specialized service technicians ensure that those features of your automatic doors which contribute to energy savings and prevent energy loss are well maintained. They'll check features such as seals, ensuring that they close tight to give you maximum control over airflow, and they'll test factors such as opening and closing times to make sure that your entrances are keeping pace with the needs of your business.

Optimizing entrances

It's not just a case of replacing and maintaining features. Service technicians can also review the automation settings of your entrance systems to make sure that they are programmed to work at an optimum level for the flow of your business. And if the efficiency of your entrances can be further enhanced with upgrades or modernizations, our experienced service technicians will advise you accordingly.

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