The overhead sectional door with new direct drive system to increase performance and reliability


To help keep industrial and commercial operations running fast and efficiently, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has introduced a new direct drive overhead sectional door that’s optimised for high frequency use, car wash, and corrosion-sensitive environments.

The ASSA ABLOY OH1042DD operates in the same way as a standard sectional door. However, a spring-based system has been replaced by a stronger, more optimal motor and control system – a direct drive. This springless solution enables easier, faster and safer installation. It helps increase the reliability of opening and closing. And it significantly reduces the risk of contamination caused by dirty springs, together with wear and tear, maintenance and downtime.

In industrial and commercial operations, overhead sectional doors often have to perform in tough and demanding conditions. For normal spring-based sectional doors, these conditions can result in a range of problems such as rust and dirt contamination, increased wear and tear, and in worst case scenarios, complete breakdowns. With the ASSA ABLOY OH1042DD, businesses have a sectional door ready to perform in all environments.

“In situations where sectional doors are used intensively, or are subjected to harsh and corrosive conditions, spring mechanisms will typically suffer high levels of strain and contamination,” said John Burton at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. “But with its higher performing direct drive system, the ASSA ABLOY OH1042DD is simply more robust and reliable, meaning your operations can keep on going.”

In addition to increased reliability, the ASSA ABLOY OH1042DD offers high thermal insulation, a wide range of customizable options, wind-resistant reinforced panels, and class 3 certification for water tightness, wind load and air permeability. All of which can contribute to increased building performance.