The speed of ASSA ABLOY OH1042S offers businesses a sustainable solution


If you rely on a regular flow of goods, vehicles or people in and out of your building, you already know that speed and efficiency is crucial for your business. But did you know that the rapid ASSA ABLOY OH1042S is the perfect entrance system for you? Here’s why.

Increased speed

With a speed of one meter per second, powered by our own bespoke motor, the ASSA ABLOY OH1042S is four times faster than a standard overhead sectional door. So even if you have many openings throughout the business day, it minimises heat loss, limits draft and helps you save energy better than the competition.

Increased sustainability

We live in a time where reduced energy consumption and waste are key performance indicators for most businesses, so our rapid entrance system not only optimizes the flow of goods and people, it positively contributes to your sustainability goals.

Increased efficiency

Perfect for businesses that deal with sensitive goods, continuous traffic or where people work in close proximity to the doors themselves, installing the ASSA ABLOY OH1042S means that every second saved is more time to do business. But whatever your line of business, we can configure and customize our doors to meet your needs, always ensuring a complete, robust entrance solutions that boosts efficiency every day.

Increased service

You cannot put a price on peace of mind. You need reassurance that your processes won’t let you down. All our entrance systems are designed and built to the highest quality that lasts. Plus, we have highly-skilled, local service technicians that you can rely on to do their job, so you can do yours.

Let us rapidly transform your business and open up new opportunities, now and for the future.