Low maintenance and hard wearing

ASSA ABLOY FD2250P inside mounted
ASSA ABLOY FD2250P inside mounted
ASSA ABLOY FD2250P inside mounted
ASSA ABLOY FD2250P in Carmine Red RAL 3002
ASSA ABLOY FD2250P in Gentian Blue RAL 5010
ASSA ABOY FD2250P in Antracite Grey RAL 7016
ASSA ABLOY FD2250P in Grey White RAL 9002
ASSA ABLOY FD2250P in White aluminum RAL 9006

Introducing the new ASSA ABLOY FD2250P

The ASSA ABLOY FD2250P insulated folding door for when extra energy efficiency is required in industrial environments

The new ASSA ABLOY FD2250P is a highly functional automated folding door designed to require minimal maintenance. As the doors slide open, lifting hinges mean that the door raises off the floor keeping wear and tear to a minimum. And the doors are always visible as they open and close so collision risk is greatly reduced.

Teflon coated hinges ensure robust and lubricant-free operation. And, the door’s product life is extended further with the soft start and stop functions of automation.

Space saving

The door can be installed on either the front or the back of the exterior wall – so that users can make optimum use of their space. And the doors can be folded out of sight to leave the opening completely barrier free.   

Energy efficient

A broken cold bridge and tight sealing keep temperature exchange at a minimum – the door has a U-value of just 1.1W/m2K*. And partial opening means that air exchange and temperature loss can also be kept low when passing through the door – even when a pass door is not fitted. 

Features and configurations

The ASSA ABLOY FD2250P features sleek blackline detailing and handles. Different closing and locking options are available and the door can be configured with a range of colors and a choice of windows, pass doors and the option to be manual. 

* Calculation based on a 5x5m ASSA ABLOY FD2250P folding door

Environmental Product Declaration

Available for this product download here:
Technical description

ASSA ABLOY FD2250P insulated folding door

  • Max. size (WxH) [1]: 7240 mm x 6000 mm (manually operated), 4800 mm x 6000 mm (electrical operated)
  • Leaf thickness: 57 mm
  • Windows: Rectangular, in 5 different sizes
  • Colours: Standard 5 pre-coated colors
  • Pass-door (optional): Built in doorleaf, built in fixed section, leaf as passdoor

[1] Other sizes on request

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