Glazed insulated overhead sectional doors

Save energy and improve visibility with our glazed insulated door

Save energy and improve visibility with the new ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI glazed insulated door

ASSA ABLOY insulated glazed overhead sectional doors are an industrial door with a difference; visually appealing and highly practical, the glazed sections increase natural light inlet and visibility, but with significantly improved insulation to optimize your business efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

This is the natural choice for businesses, such as workshops or showrooms, that rely on good insulation as well as visibility, security and reliability.

Improved insulation
The new ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI offers all the same quality you expect from ASSA ABLOY overhead sectional doors, but now with improved insulation. This entrance solution contains a broken cold bridge for thermal separation. Completely watertight, this dramatically reduces ice formation and condensation on the inside.

Where product demonstration is a priority, the glazing arrangement benefits from the added stability of a 42mm thick aluminum tubular frame, which makes the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI a practical door system for entrances where industrial and/or commercial traffic must pass.

Flexible to suit your needs
With the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI, you can configure each and every section however you like. Combine the insulated frame sections with panel sections or choose between a variety of windows and infills to further enhance visibility. The door is also easier to clean and more resistant to scratches and general wear and tear.

Glazing arrangement
The number of rows and columns of the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI is based entirely on the width and height of the door, which is divided equally to create the grid arrangement. All glass or infills are installed from inside with a glazing bead, sealed with a ‘butyl glue’ to secure maximum tightness, also making it easy to replace when the time comes.

Wide range of opening
The ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI opens vertically into the roof/ceiling, maximizing useable space in and around the opening. Running in tracks, the door rolls up and over. Track arrangements are decided by factoring the available space directly above the door opening and immediately inside the facility.

The ASSA ABLOY OH1042FI offers a sleek design and attractive aesthetic combined with our proven technical expertise. The perfect blend of presentation, energy-saving and reliability for a high-class entrance solution.


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