ASSA ABLOY manual dock levellers

The ASSA ABLOY DL6010SM Minidock leveller with swing lip.
The ASSA ABLOY DL6010SM Minidock leveller with swing lip.
ASSA ABLOY DB6050KBS drawbridge leveller
ASSA ABLOY DB6050SKB drawbridge leveler
Crawford DB6050SKB drawbridge leveler

Economical and reliable manual docking systems for basic loading bays

Manual dock levellers and drawbridges (aka. dock plates) provide an economical, reliable solution for basic docking operations. Acting as the bridge between your facility and the bed of a docked vehicle, manually operated Levellers and Drawbridges are easy to operate by hand, coming in a variety of configurations which do not require a power supply and incur no energy costs.

ASSA ABLOY DL6010SM (formerly Crawford) Swingdock Minidock Leveller

ASSA ABLOY DL6010SM Swingdock Minidock is a manually operated swing-lip dock leveller, specifically developed for businesses operating a fleet of standardized vehicles with the same trailer bed height. Although it is operated manually (by a crank lever), the ASSA ABLOY Minidock is equipped with a gas spring which makes it easier for one person to operate. The design meets the demands of most simple loading operations and ensures employer compliance with all ergonomic requirements.

The lip of ASSA ABLOY DL6010SM Swingdock Minidock is steel. The shape of the lip is extremely flat which ensures the rear connection to the dock edge is bump-free, resulting in smooth passages between building and truck bed for Manual Handling Equipment. The outstanding feature of the ASSA ABLOY Minidock, when compared with other manual dock levellers, is the ability to integrate buffers, which can be fixed to the leveller frame at installation. Reversing vehicles back-up against buffers, which protect brickwork and leveller, whilst ensuring truck drivers can reach the optimum position for loading.

ASSA ABLOY Drawbridges - DB6050F (Fixed Position Version) and DB6050MZ (Guidance Rail)

ASSA ABLOY Drawbridges are manually placed dock plates which can be used as an alternative to a Dock Leveller. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems offer two variation of the Drawbridge system - ASSA ABLOY DB6050F (Fixed Position) and DB6050MZ (Guidance Rail). Where dock levellers cannot be accommodated, these traditional solutions can be utilised at open ramps to service vehicles of similar size, or a fleet of trailers with roughly the same design.

The ASSA ABLOY Drawbridge Leveller DB6050F (Fixed) is installed into the floor at a fixed position, whereas the ASSA BALOY DB6050MZ is cast into a guidance rail, which runs across the front edge of a ramp or bay opening. The latter alternative makes it possible for the leveller to moved horizontally in order for it to be operated in different positions along a ramp/bay.

When not in use, a ASSA ABLOY Drawbridge can be secured in the vertical position by a safety lock. Both Fixed and Guidance Rail versions are made of steel and are equipped with a heavy-duty spring device. Spring assistance enables heavy Drawbridges to be conveniently lifted and lowered by hand.

ASSA ABLOY DB6050KBS (formerly Crawford) Drawbridge - Low working range

ASSA ABLOY DB6050KBS Drawbridges combine dock plate with a metal guiding rail and rail casing, delivering a drawbridge system that can be moved sideways along the outside edge of a loading bay or dock. The system is principally designed to be fitted to the external face of a loading bay and the casing protects the system against the elements. It is a flexible solution for the lower working range - up to about 135 mm level equalization. With an aluminum construction, the lightweight drawbridge is easy to handle and position. A non-slip surface makes this solution additionally safe, whilst it is also robust, easy to clean and requires no mechanical maintenance.

ASSA ABLOY DB6050SKB (formerly Crawford) Drawbridge - Medium working range

ASSA ABLOY DB6050SKB Drawbridge can be installed in two different ways; either fixed in position by welding directly to a solid steel profile at the edge of a dock/bay, or movable sideways in a guide rail. It is designed for a medium working range up to about 200 mm level equalization. The ASSA ABLOY DB6050SKB is very easy to handle, being lightweight aluminium. A non-slip surface makes this solution additionally safe, whilst it is also robust, easy to clean and requires no mechanical maintenance.

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