ASSA ABLOY Combidock Dock Leveller

ASSA ABLOY Combidock (formerly Crawford) dock leveller
ASSA ABLOY Combidock (formerly Crawford) dock leveller
ASSA ABLOY Combidock (formerly Crawford) dock leveller
ASSA ABLOY Combidock (formerly Crawford) dock leveller
ASSA ABLOY DL6030C combidock
ASSA ABLOY DL6030C combidock

Efficient handling for vehicles of all sizes with the small and large vehicle ASSA ABLOY Combidock (formerly Crawford)

The small and large vehicle ASSA ABLOY Combidock dock leveller eliminates the need for different ramp heights and thereby reduces building costs. With a simple turn of a switch, this intelligent telescopic-lip leveller can handle vehicles of all sizes. A custom designed safety control system ensures the leveller automatically follows vertical movements of a vehicle bed as forklift trucks move to and from the trailer/vehicle. Should the trailer or van bed move horizontally (vehicle creep), the same automatic system adapts position to keep the leveller-lip against the bed, facilitating safe and smooth passages at all times.

Simple Operation

The innovative and unique ASSA ABLOY 950 series docking control system offers perfect control of the dock leveller, dock shelter and loading bay door, all in one easy to operate control unit. Utilsing only a few self-explanatory buttons, the integrated control panel provides a loading system which is always easy to operate. Separate steering units for doors and dock levellers, and complex wiring systems to link various control units, are therefore no longer required.

ASSA ABLOY DL6030C Combidock 

ASSA ABLOY DL6030C combidock has a telescopic lip in high-stability aluminium alloy. Since the lip is extremely flat, it allows for smoother passages between leveller and truck bed. This means both ergonomic and economical advantages due to reduced chock loads for people and less wear-and-tear on the handling equipment.

BIM objects

Download the ASSA ABLOY Combidock dock leveller as a BIM object:
Technical description

ASSA ABLOY DL6030C Combidock

  • Nominal length: 3000, 3500, 4000 mm
  • Nominal width: 2000 mm
  • Load capacity: lorries 60 kN (6 tonnes) vans 20 kN (2 tonnes)
  • Vertical working range: Rise above dock up to 590 mm,  Fall below dock down to 650 mm
  • Platform tear-plate thickness: 8/10 mm
  • Max. point load leveller platform: 6.5 N / mm² (8 mm tear plate)
  • Lip material & length: aluminium, 500 mm
  • Control unit protection class: IP 54
  • Nominal voltage: 400V 3-phase
  • Nominal motor power: 1.5 kW
  • Control unit: standard truck / city van mode Impulse auto button. Optional with door operation
  • European standard: EN 1398 Dock levellers
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