ASSA ABLOY multiple-leaf fabric hangar doors for aviation

Multiple leaf aviation hangar door system
Multiple leaf aviation hangar door system
Multiple leaf aviation hangar door system used by Qantas
Multiple leaf aviation hangar door system used by StratoLaunch Systems
Multiple leaf aviation hangar door system in Australia
Multiple leaf aviation hangar door system in the United States
Aviation hangar door at Vietnam Airlines
ASSA ABLOY multiple leaf aviation hangar door at Flightstar

ASSA ABLOY fabric hangar doors seal huge openings in large aircaft hangars

ASSA ABLOY multiple-leaf fabric hangar doors facilitate the design of doors for exceptionally large aircraft and hangars. A virtually unlimited opening width can be designed to accommodate huge wingspans, by positioning several fabric hangar doors side by side - essentially breaking one huge opening down into several smaller component parts. A swing-up mullion, which anchors into the fixed floor, acts as the 'legs' and adds flexibility and support to the system.

Construction cost can be reduced by incorporating fabric door leaves of variable heights and widths in order to minimise the physical footprint of the hangar building itself.

Cost Effective Design

A unique, robust design and structure offers exceptional operational reliability. Multiple-leaf ASSA ABLOY hangar door systems stack vertically upwards into the roofspace, with intermediate steel 'mullions' acting as the legs when closed, but swinging upward when required. This arrangement reduces the need for expensive civil engineering work, as ground tracks and door pockets are eliminated at design. The ASSA ABLOYsystem also reduces the need for underfloor track heating, which is often required to keep door tracks free of ice and snow. 

Sustainability Benefits

All doors are available with translucent fabric which optimises the inlet of natural light through the fabric curtain. The result is improved working environment inside the sealed hangar and a reduced requirement for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

By combining several door leaves, flexible door systems can be designed which open around the particular size of aircraft moving through them. Multiple-leaf arrangements are ideally suited to hangars which accommodate multiple aircraft of variable sizes, all of which can be stored and serviced in one hangar facility.

For the movement of ground equipment, it is possible to open smaller door leaves fully, or utilise the easy to use control system to provide partial vertical opening, thereby minimizing the loss of conditioned air through fully opened doors.

ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical lifting fabric door

The ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric door is designed for extremely large door openings and permits almost unlimited width. Crafted for harsh environments, it offers maximum reliability and energy efficiency. By designing the door leaves with a suitable number of intermediate beams, it can be dimensioned to withstand virtually any wind load and still be weather-sealed.

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