ASSA ABLOY Shipyard doors

ASSA ABLOY multiple leaf shipyard door in Abu Dhabi
ASSA ABLOY multiple leaf shipyard door in Abu Dhabi
ASSA ABLOY multiple leaf shipyard door
ASSA ABLOY shipyard door at Nevsky Shipyard, St Petersburg, Russia

ASSA ABLOY fabric doors are the ideal solution for massive coastal openings

The ASSA ABLOY VL3190 multiple-leaf shipyard door system is an ingenious solution for coastal shipyard and dockside buildings. How to seal extraordinarily tall and wide openings in corrosive locations is a problematic question for architects and designers, but multiple leaf ASSA ABLOY systems provide a solution. Breaking large openings down into smaller components, the multiple leaf system delivers an almost unlimited width and requires virtually no side room to operate. The result is a solution which allows shipbuilders the opportunity to keep more of their valuable floorspace. No floor tracks are required, so the risk of doors failing due to snow and ice acculumation is eliminated.

Well-proven in marine environments, multiple-leaf shipyard doors are designed to withstand extreme wind loads and require very little maintenance. Available in translucent fabric, they channel natural lighting into the hall, delivering better working environments for those inside.

Working with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems at design stage provides access to highly skilled and experienced engineers who are ready to support you throughout the design, build and operating cycles. Receive the highest-class expertise – from site analysis and engineering specifications to installation, commissioning, service and support.

ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric door

The ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric door is the preferred door model for extremely large door openings needed for shipyard halls. It can be made to almost any size and has virtually no side room requirements or footprint. Doors can be precisely dimensioned for wind loads, employing non-corrosive components.

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