Complete entrance solutions for manufacturing

Our complete product range includes specialised options to meet the entrance needs for the front, back and interior of any manufacturing facility. Our automatic doors include swing, sliding and revolving door options to provide a smooth flow of people, whilst industrial doors and loading bay equipment offer high-spec dock shelters alongside automated lifts and dock levellers for the utmost convenience. High speed doors provide ultra-fast opening and closing speeds, providing smoother, faster journeys for all material handling equipment.

If high speed doors are running, your production is running

Built to last, our complete range of high speed doors meet the standards of the most complex manufacturing processes, from chemical and physical, to assembly and packaging.

All of our automated doors are available with numerous customisation options, from configuration and settings, to colour, size and a range of accessories.

If you need help finding the best automated entrance solutions for your facility, our expert consultants are available to assist you with your project.

General Manufacturing

Separate areas and control the flow of goods, people and vehicles in all areas of your operation. Our interior and exterior high speed doors, as well as loading systems support smooth efficiency in production.

General Manufacturing Brochure

Automobile industry

Our range of machine protection doors, interior and exterior high speed doors, are ideal solution for production areas that require controlled access to machines and production facilities, as well as providing safety to employees.

Automotive Industry Brochure

Cleanroom Environments

With our certified cleanroom doors and cleanroom doors, you minimise the risk of contamination and maintain full control over your cleanroom environments.

Cleanroom Environments Brochure 

Food Industry

When high hygiene regulations have to be adhered to, our high speed doors help to keep the working environment clean and temperatures constant in these areas.

Food Industry Brochure

Complete input solutions for production plants